Comission 2
by RosiePrima

Have a nice commision pic courtesy of Yamino, author of Sister Claire.

by RosiePrima

Still working on this, but dang if I ain't wrecked.
Have an incredibly lovely commission of my gals by one of my favorite artists, Baubun.

Visit her at to see more of their amazing work.

Back at it
by RosiePrima

JoSophia Sweet, back at it again with the complaining about comics. I got a story comic in the mix too.

Chapter: Scream Queen
by RosiePrima

Like, I kinda wanna say it's not a big deal, but I did kinda make myself cry with the first two pages of the next chapter, so like, don't mess yourself up, y'all. Take care.

by RosiePrima

Next up should be Eclipsed, the last and Title Story of this issue. Working to get it out soon.

by RosiePrima

Still working, in the meantime, enjoy a non-sequential page. (Seriously, though. A meteorite?)

It's coming
by RosiePrima

Hang loose for the next part starting Phantomique's Moms.